Thursday, September 2, 2010

Soul Survivor - Motivation List

I'm baaaaaaccckkkk! I fell off for a minute, but I'm back with a great list! For those of you who know me, you know how much I love lists...which is probably why I love those things that your friends forward to you and make you cut and paste to fill in your own answers. When you don't allow people to free write and get lost in a lot of ramble and rhetoric (me included), I find that you discover more about their personality. And it forces you to put things together with what you're given - a great life skill. Simplicity says it best.

So below is my list of things that motivate me. Feel free to respond with your own.

1. Babies - not exactly sure why, but I think it has something to do with them being new and me an urge to start fresh where I need to.

2. Spiritual Devotion/Prayer - no matter what spiritual concept you relate to, any quiet time devoted to it can be refreshing and renewing.

3. People with similar passions as me - when I see someone doing what I love on their grind, it really lights a fire under my butt!

4. Travelling - it temporarily takes me away, so inevitably I have something to "come back" to. I use this as an excuse to "come back" a little different than I left.

5. Talking and Re-Connecting to someone I haven't spoken to in a long time - this always ends up reminding me of some great story or happening that I may have forgotten about. Which takes me back to a moment in time when something was different, and may have been working better for me.

6. Getting my mom's perspective from when she was my age - the times may have been different, but talking with my mom reminds me of our similarities. This sometimes gives me options in decision-making because I have a little insight on how things will turn out, and how I may receive the results. Worst case scenario? I know what not to do.

7. Reminiscing on a horrible time - some people say it's not good to say things like "It could have been worse." I believe that when it actually has been worse, it helps put things into perspective - you got through it.

8. Talking - sometimes sharing your thoughts out loud make them mean something different; your own tone on a certain situation can change how you think about it. You can actually motivate yourself. Sounds cheesy, but true.

9. A good book or movie - Art imitates life; I always feel like I have the power to control and change everything in my life once I see an example of how many different ways it can be done. And not be done, for that matter.

10. An indulgent experience - Go out to dinner. See a movie. New outfit. Buy some expensive cheese and cheap wine. Or vice versa. If you feel that you have indulged, it will be followed by the feeling that you deserved it. And you'll want more. What can be more motivating than that?


  1. I pretty much agree with your list,lol. I need to work on #10

  2. I need a good paying job to work on #10!!! LOL