Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Naps, Mishaps and Product Caps - Humidity Hell

The day begins: I have just washed and styled my naturally curly hair. Its fresh - curls defined, the right amount of poof and bounce - I'm on my way out knowing I look good. Then that swamp heat hits me like I stepped into a life-sized sauna. Next thing I know, my hair has swollen to three times its normal size! Frizz is an understatement. The curls are hanging on to dear life at the ends, but the close-to-the-scalp hair has already given in to the moist heat. What's a natural girl to do???

So a friend of mine and I were talking hair regimens one day, and I noticed that her hair not only resists transforming in the humidity, but her curls are always lengthened and pretty well-defined. I ask her what she used.

Lotta Body Setting Lotion. After she washes and conditions her hair, she douses her hair with Lotta Body, corn rows it (*this is key) and either sits under a dryer or lets it dry naturally (my thick-haired naturalistas might want to opt for the former option as our hair takes FOREVER to dry on its own, especially since it's corn-rowed). Always up for a hair challenge, I decide I'm going to try it this week. I'll be posting before and after pictures, so stay tuned! Has anyone else ever used setting lotion on natural curls? What brand? Did it work? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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  1. Thanks for sharing I will definitely look that up. The only thing that has worked for me recently is using hair spray, I use a Dove brand, it's light and doesnt make my hair crunchy.