Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black Girl's Think Tank - One Word

Snagged this from my girl Laila's blog. Feel free to ask questions, comment, or cut and paste for yourself.

One Word

Hair – Curly

Your Mother – Supportive

Your Father – Caring

Fave Food – Mexican

Dream Last Night – Weird

Fave Drink – Tea

What room are you in? – Living

Hobby – Crafting

Fear – Failure

Where were you last night? – Church

Something that you aren’t – Thoughtless

Muffins – Apple

Wish List Item – Car

Where you grew up – Lithonia

What you are wearing – Pajamas

Your Pet – None

Friends – Plentiful

Something you’re not wearing – Bra

Fave Store – Grocery

Fave Color – Brown

Last time you laughed – Today

Your Best Friend – Questioning

Best Place you go over and over – Cafe

Person who you email regularly – Sorors

Fave Place to Eat – McCormick and Schmidt


  1. Apple muffins!! I've never had them!

  2. I make them! They are so good. I get lots of compliments on them. I slightly changed one of Paula Deen's muffin recipe. You know once you have the base recipe, you can make whatever kind of muffins you want!