Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kiss My Glass - White Wine: If You Like That, Try This...

I'd like to consider myself a bit of a wineuax. But I absolutely LOVE being introduced to new wines I haven't had before. If you are an avid wine drinker, you probably have a few go-to wines when you want a nice glass. For this post, I'm gonna focus on the white wines that you love to drink...and the wonderful ones you may be missing out on in comparison.

If you like White Zinfandel....try Torrontes

Torrontes is Native to Galicia, Spain, but has spread to Argentina where it has trademarked itself as the premier white grape of the region. A study has shown that it is an offspring of Muscat of Alexandria (think cousin of Moscato). This makes sense, because the big, delicious smelling nose on these wines is what beckons people back for another sip. It gives sweet and more sophisticated notes than White Zinfandel, but for around the same price.

I recommend Crios Torrontes. Its a dry, crisp wine with hints of peach pit, white pear, flowers, and orange citrus fruit. It's intensely flavored and fresh with light acidity. Made by one of the few female winemakers in Argentina (or anywhere) this wine goes for around $12.99 a bottle.

If you like Riesling...try Viognier.
Viognier is a grape that is mostly used for blending with Syrrah, a red grape. Because this wine is difficult to grow, it is meant to be consumed while it is relatively young, so you won't find too many aged varieties.
I recommend Alamos Viognier. Intensely aromatic and full-bodied, this Viognier is prized for its aromas and flavors of stone fruits, d'Anjou pears and white flowers. It has a natural acidity and is velvety smooth. This goes for about $10.99 a bottle.
If you like Moscato...try Albarino. One of Spain's most popular white wines, this small, sweet, thick-skinned grape is usually used for blending. But on it's own, it has an "astringent" quality because it's so cleansing on the palate. It's distinctive aroma often lends itself to peach and apricot aroma.
I recommend Martin Codax Albarino. This wine is crisp and fragrant, with a melange of flavors and aromas: melon, pear, peach, tropical fruit, flowers and a little grapefruit. Fresh and clean, with bright acidity (think of wanting to spread your mouth wide once the acidity hits your tastebuds)

These are just a few of my recommendations for the summer. Nothing like a crisp, cold glass of white wine to cool you off and make you feel refreshed! Remember these are in no way twin wine recommendations; these alternatives just hit some of the same points in taste, in my opinion. Be open to the slight variations from what you know and are used to, and I promise you'll have found yourself a new wine to love! Happy Sips!

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