Monday, July 12, 2010

Soul Survivor - What I Know For Sure...

Ok, so I totally stole this saying from Oprah. But as midnight hit on July 8th, 2010, I realized that what I know for sure at 30 years old far exceeds what I knew for sure at 25. I feel so blessed to have made it this far without losing my complete mind. I've been 30 for 4 days now, and here's what I know for sure so far:

1. I'm officially a grown ass woman. If you didn't know, you better ask somebody!

2. I am SO much better at not sweating the small stuff. And actually...not sweating the big stuff either. *shrugs at life*

3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having levels of friendships. Whatever works....

4. ...that being said, I have little patience for people stuck on extremes. As a former absolute nazi, I now realize that there can be a middle or gray area sometimes. And it makes dealing with stuff SO much easier.

5. You may not know everything about your loved ones, but you can ALWAYS know more than you do...never stop learning people.

6. There really is something good in everyone. Just may not be good for you.

7. Patience really is virtuous.

8. As a bonafide adult, when I speak, certain things should just be taken at face value. I don't have the energy for hidden messages and convoluted dialogue anymore. For example, if I call someone crazy...I don't mean they are funny in a quirky way. I mean said person is really crazy.

9. To stay in touch with someone can mean just that...a touch. And it still counts. When the foundation is there, distance can't break it and proximity isn't necessary to keep it strong. Shout out to all the wonderful people in my life who understand this concept.

10. I like who I am; working on the loving part. Soon come.

11. The concept of support can never be defined to do the action justice. It is SO relevant.

12. I love to read....but I admit to loving magazines because of the instant gratification and the beautiful, glossy pictures.

13. Loneliness and solitude can be interchangeable at times. And that's ok.

14. I am grateful for ALL of my exes, because revelation is truly a gift from God.

15. I am more apprehensive about meeting new people than I was when I was younger...and I think it is because I fear I don't have room in my life to foster new relationships while simultaneously being present in the existing ones.

16. The things I love to do the most brings me the least amount of financial gain. And yet I still do them and will probably never stop.

17. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...and it may take me a little longer to realize that we're allowed more than one mistake in life and time to figure that out. Thank God for mercy and grace.

18. There is a fine line between giving up and knowing when to quit...I'm not quite sure of where that line is yet....

19. ...and no one can truly define that line for you but YOU.

20. Every lesson you learn in life is not for your benefit, but maybe someone else's.

21. Reading a book recommended by a friend has rarely steered me wrong.

22. Listening doesn't mean waiting for the other person to finish speaking so you can get your turn to talk.

23. I don't care what anyone says, I still have "natural hair" even if I dye it! No lye till the day I die!!!!

24. Crushes are fun, even if nothing ever comes of it. Gives you something to daydream about.

25. Hate is toxic, but a little anger is healthy, as long as its temporary. Just helps you snatch those rose-glasses off your face.

26. Creativity is relative; everybody has it.

27. Music is defined as someone singing or playing thoughts that are too powerful to comprehended by merely speaking them.

28. There is a difference between venting and complaining - venting is a release; when it's done, you move forward. Complaining is being comfortable in a vent and not moving.

29. Good food will almost always put me in a good mood no matter what.

30. God is in charge. Of everything.

Above are pics of me almost 10 years ago. Here's to another year of life - I'm grateful!


  1. Very nice! Maybe I'll do one at 40. It's not that far away...

  2. Ok first of all, I can't believe you're close to 40!!! Hope I have your spunk when I get closer!

    Yeah, you should. I bet it will be an enlightening list.

  3. You are absolutely awesome and I thank God that I know you. I love you little sister!!!

  4. I love this. I'm inspired by your honesty.

  5. Well done as always Spec. Co to the sizzign on #15, I'm nearly paralyzed by it but I try not to show it.