Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Naps, Mishaps and Product Caps - Hair Rules Product Review

 So a friend of mine tried the Hair Rules system and wasn't very happy with it. She gave it to me to try, figuring since we had a different curl pattern, it might work well with my hair (She's about a 4a or 4b and I'm a 3c. Check out this curly hair site to find out what your curl pattern is). So I tried it, and I'm reviewing it here! Here is what I used from the Hair Rules system - Daily Cleansing Cream Moisturizing No Suds Shampoo, Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner and Kinky Curling Cream.

Daily Cleansing Cream Moisturizing No Suds Shampoo (Rickys, $22.00)

What it's supposed to do: gently cleans & moisturizes dry, coarse, over-processed, color-treated and heat-styled hair. packed with honey, awapuhi, & hops, to promote the health, condition and luster of your hair.

What it did: it was a bit strange "washing" my hair with something that didn't lather, but I didn't feel that awful squeaky clean you feeling your hair gets when it has been stripped of it's natural oils. However it did feel like I had successfully gotten all of the product residue out. And it smells lovely!

Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner (Ricky's, $24.00)

What it's supposed to do: this luxurious daily conditioner uses shea butter, honey, glycerin, coconut and olive oils, to keep parched, spongy & frizzy hair hydrated and lustrous.

What it did: it was a great conditioner; my hair instantly felt soft and silky literally minutes after I put it in. It smells really sweet, almost like cotton candy. I was a little concerned with the specific direction after applying to "rinse until hair feels soft, then stop". It was reminiscent of Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding, the early edition, where they recommended you keep half the conditioner in your hair. Hair Rules does give you the option of rinsing it out in 5 minutes or leaving in it in for up to 20 minutes (I left mine in for about 10 minutes). I followed the instructions accordingly, and my hair felt slippery and soft. But I was afraid to rinse more than I should!

Kinky Curling Cream (Ricky's, $20.00)

What it's supposed to do: olive oil and honey help transform tight 'fros into bouncy, silky spirals, free from frizz and shrinkage, use for styling coarse, kinky hair, texturizers, silkeners, twists, locks & braids for wash-n-go results.

What it did: I'll start by saying the directions for this part of the system were very specific, and I followed them almost to a tee. It said to apply to soaking wet hair, saturate hair with product, in sections, while smoothing & stretching with fingers or a wide-tooth comb (I used a wide-tooth comb). It then said to lightly re-wet hair (I'm still not sure why, since it was already soaking wet) and that "what you see [after this process is done] is what you'll get". It then said to air dry or set wet curls under a hood dryer (I dried for a few minutes with a diffuser, then air dried it the rest of the way; mostly air dried). It was thick and silky feeling, and even though my hair was still dripping, it felt silky and my curls were well-defined. It smelled yummy, like candy. Below are some result pics:

This was immediately after finishing the curling process.

This was about an hour later.

These were taken much later that night; like, six hours after styling.

And these pics were taken the day after styling.

Final Review: Keeping in mind that it is extremely humid and rainy in NYC, my hair held up quite nicely. As you can see, my curls were springy and bouncy as promised, and there was hardly any frizz, even with the immense amount of humidity and rain outside. The styling cream suggested I use their Hydrating Cream after styling, but I didn't need it. On the third day I'll put a moisturizing cream in it, but one of my cheapie-but-goodies.

This was a great product for my hair texture, and I was pleased with the look. However, if I had purchased these products on my own, I would have spent over $60. With the amount of product I had to use, I would be buying it all over again after about 4 washes. I predict that this style won't last my hair more than three days, see where I'm going with this - this is an expensive styling system! But it does indeed work. If you're willing to pay the money for it and you have the right hair texture, it's worth it.

For more info on Hair Rules, including video tutorials, hair type description, and all of  their other products, visit


  1. Great review. Love your curls! Miss your couch,lol.

  2. Thanks! LOL my couch misses you too! I really like this stuff, just wish it wasn't so expensive.