Thursday, January 31, 2013

Black Girl's Think Tank - My Life According to Pinterest

I am addicted to Pinterest.

I have access to Pinterest on my tablet, computer, and mobile device. I truly believe there is no problem in this world that Pinterest can't solve.

Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration, but Pinterest is and can be so many things! And whats strange is that when someone asks me exactly what it is...I can't explain it. An online cork board? A scrapbook of sorts? Bookmarks for websites categorized more specifically with pictures?

All I know is that Pinterest pops into my mind several times a day, no matter what the subject. I can plan weekly menus, romantic getaways, house design, lesson plans, new hairstyles, a whole new wardrobe and style reinvention, reference a funny or inspirational quote, find things to knit, paint, create, sew, carve; stock a wet bar, and pretty much make ANYTHING you could buy from a store for half the cost.

Here's a list of what I've used Pinterest for so far:

- countless recipes...I actually plan weekly menus with my Recipes board.
- made my own green and natural home cleaning solutions
- made my own hair conditioner with items from my kitchen
-  knitted two scarves, a hat and a head warmer from patterns found on my Knitting board.
-  made green and natural pest repellant (totally put the kabash on a fruit fly infestation)
- made my own air freshener!
- got detailed lesson plan ideas
- gotten a few hairstyles to try (one was cute, the other a bust)
- made my own dried fruit snacks.
- gave myself an at-home Shellac manicure
- used a great DIY tip to dry said manicure in 3 minutes!
- made my own microwave popcorn
- discovered a number of great websites with great tips on everything from saving money to putting outfits together!

It is extremely easy to navigate and use, and you can download a "Pin It" button right into your browser menu. So if you're cruising websites and come across something you want to pin, you just go to the menu your Bookmarks are in and click Pin It. Plus you will spend hours just repinning all the great things that other people have pinned - they've done the searching for you! Not only is it a great resource, it has now become a great marketing tool as well, joining the ranks of Twitter and Facebook. If you haven't gotten hip to it yet, or think that it may be a bit overwhelming for you, do yourself a favor: get over it and get over to Pinterest! If you're already there, what are your favorite boards? What life-changing thing did you gain from it?

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