Monday, February 11, 2013

Soul Survivor - For The Sake of the Call

For the sake...of the call...
I am laying down my all.
No turning back.
Move straight ahead.
I'm on the right track...
And it's all for the sake of the call.

- The Call, Anointed

I will begin this post by admitting that I am an emotional person (doubly emotional for about 5 to 7 days every month.) I have days where things get to me, and until I am able to calm myself and think it through, those things wreak havoc on my mood and overall perspective on my life.

Today, I had a moment where I second-guessed my calling. My purpose. That thing I've known I was put on earth to do since I could speak. And it made me very sad. Because the hypothetical alternatives weren't cutting it.

Raise your hand if you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what you have been "called" to do - your purpose on this earth, what you are "supposed" to be doing, etc.

If you raised your hand, then you know how extremely important it is NOT to second guess that. For any reason. Not for the haters. Not for the naysayers. Not even for the well-intending parent or friend. No one knows whats best for you better than you...understanding this means trusting yourself. Remember that your vote trumps all others when it comes to your life.

Your calling may or may not be your occupation. Your calling may or may not be your passion. Your calling could be a combination of these things, or none of them. Only you know for sure. Things throughout your life will continuously be added to and subtracted from your calling, but nothing will eliminate it if you truly believe in it.

In the midst of your journey (or in my case, today) you may need a word of encouragement. Find it. If you need some space from it, take it. If you are spiritual, pray on it - from my understanding, God is great with Callings. ;-)

But don't, whatever you do, please DON'T give up. Remember that moment when you identified your calling for what it was, because there was literally nothing else on this earth that you could do and feel fulfilled.

This post is for you and for me.

If you didn't raise your hand, don't delay. Seek out that calling. You have work to do!

And when your calling comes in, don't send it to voicemail. Answer it - you'll be glad you did.

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